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“The Primary Instinct” Kickstarted

April 21, 2014
Tobo Interview 4

Every endeavor is filled with risk. It doesn’t matter if you are in fourth grade and you want to ask a girl to be your partner on Square Dance Day, or you are starting a new job, or you want to try a new type of cat food that claims to reduce hairballs—there is risk.

David Chen and I are embarking on one of those heart-pounding, mind-numbing trips now: shooting a live show at the Moore Theater in Seattle in hopes of creating a feature length film on storytelling.

A journey like that can wake you up at 4 AM with many questions, like: are you out of your mind? Why put yourself through this? The way back to sleep is the recognition that we are not alone. Not by a long shot.

We are joined by the great technical people at Super Frog Saves Tokyo in Seattle, Michael Gaston and company, Joel Clare and some of his Chicago based team are running to our aid. We have been assisted by Jeff Hanson and KUOW, The Tobolowsky Files’ home away from home.

And about 1000 of you. Contributing time, money, and good wishes through Kickstarter.

That is enough to give me pleasant dreams.

David and I have played the Moore before. It is a wonderful venue. A beautiful theater. Historical.

I am doing two good stories. Conference Hour, one of my all-time favorites from The Dangerous Animals Club, and The Primary Instinct, a new-ish story that means a lot to me.

Meaning is the key. It is what I always come back to. When something means a lot there is more risk, but it is easier to bear. When I think about the stories, our supporters, and the distance David Chen and I have travelled together on this project, it becomes something bordering on an honor to make this happen.

Then work ceases to be work. It becomes a blessing.

If you are in Seattle the evening of May 3 come to the Moore. We will have a splendid time.
More info here.

Tobo Interview 3

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  1. Sue permalink

    I love hearing your stories on KUOW again. I have seen you live in the past and I hope to see you in May.

  2. See you this Saturday night….

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