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Stephen’s new book: My Adventures With God will be published by Simon & Schuster April 18, 2017. Amazon is taking pre-orders!







If you have enjoyed The Tobolowsky Files and Stephen Tobolowsky’s Birthday Party, Stephen’s stories are available in print, e-book (and on audio book – read by me) in The Dangerous Animals Club. Simon and Schuster has produced a beautiful book, and many have found a place for it in their personal library.

Read more about the book over at: Simon and Schuster

In answer to this question: Will it be stories that have already been told on the podcast? Never before heard tales? A mix of both?

The Dangerous Animals Club is collection of stories that are covered, roughly in the first 25 podcasts. They have new material and are presented in a literary form. I received so many letters of people wanting written copies of the podcast I decided to do it. Then, in the process of writing them down they sort of developed a style of their own. But it will include favorite stories from the podcast like ‘The Dangerous Animals Club’, ‘The Alchemist’, ‘Conference Hour’, and ‘It’s Not My Dog’.”

Here are some links to order from your favorite vendors:

Hardcover & Paperback
Barnes & Noble

Amazon Kindle
Barnes & Noble Nook
Apple iBookstore (where it is a September Best of the Month pick!)

Audio Book
iTunes Audio Book

If you would like a signed copy, please click below:

READ THIS ! –> There is a spot on the PayPal page to specify how you would like the book signed, if you would like an inscription.

Dangerous Animals Club – Signed Copy (Paperback edition)

  •  $23.14 ($16 plus tax and U.S. Priority Shipping)




Information for International Orders ONLY – Signed Copy – (We cannot find a less expensive shipping rate, alas!)

  •   $39.50 includes priority mail (6-10 days)





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  1. John permalink

    Hello, Stephen!

    Is your book tour over? I could not find a list of the locations your were visiting. I’m from Raleigh, NC, and I was hoping that you would be stopping somewhere near me so I could attend. Thanks for all the great stories!

    • The book tour hasn’t begun yet. I am not sure of the dates and places but I will put them up here when it is finalized in New York.

  2. Colleen Canion permalink

    Is your book for sale in audiobook CD format? If so, please send the link for the purchase. Thanks so much!

    • I know there is an audio book. Made with blood sweat and tears for sure. In a studio with the air conditioning blown out in 106 degree weather. Yes there is an audio book. Format? Totally unsure. It will certainly be on Amazon and Simon and Schuster’s web site when the book is released of the 25th of September.

  3. Please come to Philly!!

  4. Stephen, you were just in Louisville, where I tried to be the last person in line. I so enjoyed your storytelling, coming from a family of storytellers where our tradition was it’s rude if you :don’t: let someone interrupt. Okay, so I’m also the youngest of four girls. That aside, I was wow’d how wonderful you were, staying for every one of us, in what appeared to be a line to rival meeting Harry Potter or getting an iPhone, or when I was a kid, getting to see Star Wars at the multiplex. I found your wife Ann, truly charming, even with my condition of fashion turrets. Thank you for adding wry internal banter, sage wisdom, and outright joyous belly laughs to my life as I read your book. I’ve been living my life on fast forward since meeting my husband in my late thirties just a few years back, marrying, starting our family, and most recently, taking my sister Leslie in after her stroke. I’ve always considered myself an avid reader, and it’s the first book I’ve been able to find time to read since having our girls, Greta Jo (just 3) and Clara Lou (soon 2).

    You have a gift. Never. stop.

    • Dear Nancy. Thank you. I loved Louisville. I was here for too short of a time. Such a great group of people at every turn. It was scheduled so I got in late in the evening, had interviews all day, show that night and out at dawn. Next time I’m coming for a week. I want to enjoy the food, the people and all of the performing that’s going on everywhere.

      • Stephen, I will try to keep posted on when you come back, as I would guess either our local public radio and/or my friend Dan may have something to do with that. Coming for a longer stay is a great idea; one I whole heartedly support.

        I adore Louisville and its surround. If you plan on spending that kind of time, I would be sure to go to Bernheim Forest, south of Louisville, and take in a few Bourbon distilleries outside of Bardstown Kentucky. There are trolley hops First Fridays along Main and Market downtown, on final Fridays on Frankfort Avenue. The performances aren’t limited to the great shows Dan brings in at KCA, but some at other theaters about town. There used to be more jazz and dinner clubs, and many of my friends play in so many different jazz ensembles, quartets and trios, if you wanted to play on a lark, let me know. The Louisville area parks were designed by Olmstead, who did NYC’s Central Park, and decided to decentralize our parks, and design the then urban sprawl around parkways. Our Central Park is home to Shakespeare in the Park, with summer performances. However, our prettiest months are April and October, although there is this horse race the first Saturday in May… Churchill Downs has recently updated the grandstands, but there still remains a few of the areas that take you back to the 1950s. Racing there starts in May, go figure, and fall meet starts late October, after Keeneland’s. That first Saturday in May is great if you like crazy crowds and horses that are so at the top of their game it’s impossible to pick the winner. In April and October, when we have the best and most reliable weather. Having spent my childhood in England several summers, I can tell you Keeneland is as close to an English racecourse as an American racecourse will get.

        So, we’ve hit entertainment, drink, gambling (which I now know you don’t do but might enjoy the spectacle), that leaves gluttony. Back in Louisville, we have several James Beard recognized and awarded chefs, and others who just ought not be missed; not limited to Top Chef Edward Lee of 610 Magnolia, not to be missed, of course; but also Chef Anthony Lamas of Seviche, Chef Looi Peng at August Moon and Asiatique, Chef Shawn Ward at Jack Fry’s, Chef Brian Morgan at Eiderdown, Chef Bruce Ucan of Mayan Cafe, and so many more. There’s a Belgian chocolatier, Ghyslain, organic bakery, Cake Flour, or artisanal bread maker/bakery/cafe, Blue Dog, or organic ice cream worth traveling thousands of miles at Comfy Cow… if those restaurants didn’t sufficiently add to your waist line.

        There’s more, but I feel as though I’ve hijacked your page.

        So yes, a week is the perfect time to hit all the best our area has to offer, and feel welcome.


  5. Michelle permalink


    I have been obsessed with your podcast, the Tobolowsky Files, for the past year. Unfortunately, I somehow missed your October podcast, and just found out about your book and book tour. I say unfortunately because I live in Houston, and you were just in Austin last weekend. Egad! I know you’ve already done the Texas leg of your tour, but do you anticipate making your way back around these parts at any point? On another note, I think you are an absolutely incredible story teller, and I look forward to all of your future work!


    • Dear Michelle
      This tour moves around. We have done Austin twice. We are doing Dallas again. We may make it to Houston. We will try to keep up with all of the various stops as they arise and post them here.


  6. Michelle permalink

    Thank you! I’ll be sure to check back regularly.


  7. Karin permalink

    Do you know if the Audio book will be released on CD? I really want to get this for my Dad for Christmas, but I don’t think he can handle mp3 releases like iTunes or Audible. Love your podcast!

    • Dear Karin, I fear there is no hard copy of the audio book. It is the wave of the future. I found out the hard way when I was talking to the Simon and Schuster audio department saying I would be happy to do the audio book just to give my dad some cd’s he can listen to. He’s blind and certainly couldn’t handle an mp3. There was an uncomfortable pause on the other end of the line followed by the hard fact that they don’t want the cost or the packaging on their heads of having a physical product. Maybe there will be another solution down the line.

  8. Jeffrey M. Goldman permalink

    I was reading the book on my iPhone (kindle app) waiting for a crosstown bus on 72nd & Central Park West on a bitter cold day on my way to a hospital to get a biopsy result. I was laughing so hard I was crying. I will have to probably fork over the dinero for the actual book. It is awesome. As for Potter-you dissed her with your striptease, but no doubt about it, one big anti-Semitic bitch!

    • I had never considered that Joan Potter was anti-Semitic. I doubt if she knew I was Jewish. She had enough going on without adding that log to the fire. I have heard from other people in my class who also were affected by her in a negative way. They weren’t Jewish. She also was big on dispensing favors. It may be part of the same psychology. The Kiss Ass/ Kick Ass syndrome. It is a way of controlling people in sort of a North Korean way.

      • Jeffrey M. Goldman permalink

        Even though she made you Kim Jong ILL, your strategy to take the exam a year in advance was brilliant. There was a spectacular teacher in my daughters’ high school-a published author-and one student had a computer issue and turned a paper in late. He gave her a failing grade and refused to budge-cut down on her college selection. But I don’t think he had it in for her, per se. I am still enjoying the book. I hope to see you on one of your East Coast appearances. Your publisher should get you into Barnes & Noble in Union Square. Be well.

      • Dear Jeffrey
        I am so glad my kids are out of high school. One less chance of getting a crazy teacher. So far the boys have been lucky in college. They are both in the pure sciences. Maybe there are fewer difficult teachers there because the subject matter is difficult enough.

  9. Hi Stephen,
    I just finished your book (on the train this morning, as a matter of fact). I loved it and I didn’t want it to end. Great, vivid stories. Well done!
    Who knew there were Jews in Texas? Who knew?


  10. Shonda permalink

    Dear Stephen,
    I just finished reading “The Dangerous Animals Club”. It was brilliant! You are a master storyteller and I was sorry to have to finish it. I wish I could read it for the first time again but it just doesn’t work that way. I downloaded “Cautionary Tales” on my Kindle tonight and look forward to reading it. I don’t often recommend book to my husband because he and I usually have different tastes but I raved about this one and I am sure he will love it too. I only have one more thing to say….PLEASE KEEP WRITING!!! I will read everything you write! Oh, and if you came up to me on the street and asked me who Stephen Tobolowsky was I would know exactly who you are! I am a movie buff and I love character actors…they are usually highly underrated.

    • Dear Shonda
      Thank you for reading AND liking the Dangerous Animals Club. Happy to say Simon and Schuster has signed me to write a second book which I am busy at now. Fingers crossed. So far it is amusing.

  11. Martin Rathschau Nielsen permalink

    Hi Stephen

    There is something rotten in the state of denmark!
    It’s a catastrophe!!!
    I’m not allowed to buy your audible version of “The Dangerous Animals Club” because I’m living in Denmark. When I’m searching I can see it in iTunes and at … but because I’m living in a remote part of the world, I’m not qualified to buy the good stuff. Maybe they think we have enough in Hans Christian Anderson.
    I’m a huge fan of your podcast … But I missed the first 25 episodes.
    I need the audible version because I like your voice so much better than my own inner voice.
    Do you know if it’s possible to buy somewhere else?

    Regards Martin

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