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Where Have I Seen This Guy?

People often recognize Stephen as someone they know from somewhere — sometimes they recognize him from a TV show or film, but sometimes they don’t realize he was Ned Ryerson from Groundhog Day, and not a classmate from their own high school.

If you are wondering where you might have seen him, Stephen’s many television and film credits are listed here: Stephen Tobolowsky at IMDb

  1. Lucy Holsonbake permalink

    uh…actually…he was a classmate from my own high school.

    • Lucy where are you working now – in Dallas?

    • Patrick Huff permalink

      Things you do when you turn 60; reconnect with old friends. I saw a post of your on facebook, Steve and decided to give you a shout. Hope you are doing well. I missed you at our last reunion. So glad, though, to see how well you have done. Let’s stay in touch on facebook.
      Pat Huff

  2. Nancy Arrington Janak permalink

    I like your new website. I’ve heard your stories since you learned to talk, not just high school and college. It’s been a fun ride. Be careful and have a nice trip. Love to your family.

  3. Yep, he’s a classmate from my old high school. But Lucy Holsonbake, she was a pretty good actress back then. Hi, Lucy!

  4. Jessica permalink

    Hehe! This page cracked me up! Love the website Stephen!

  5. Lucy Holsonbake permalink

    HI Steve,
    I’m in Alexandria Va- inside The Beltway -so to speak- 7 miles from DC.
    Have enjoyed following your work. Proudest of Thelma and Louise and Deadwood.
    When you come East, give me a shout out.

    • Yes please come to DC Stephen. Having talked to you on the podcast, it would be a great thrill to see you perform live. I’m in Alexandria too though to the south of the beltway.

  6. Annie Dykstra permalink

    I really wanted to watch Groundhog Day today, to celebrate. I’m bummed I didn’t get to, but I celebrated you with a Facebook status in your honor: “Phil? Phil?!” “Ned Ryerson!!”

  7. Les Metrovich permalink

    Stephen, my wife and I love your stories. You know how to visually paint a picture that just keeps us wanting to not miss any of the story. It’s like “Is this guy making this stuff up?”, “Come on, nobody can have that many things happening to them over a lifetime!” Well we say that but it really doesn’t matter, you’ve lived a rich life it seems. Thanks man.

  8. Nice Blog !!! your the best

  9. Nancy Arrington Janak permalink

    Looking forward to seeing you at the book signing on Wednesday. Bringing Steve Del Regno’s older brother, Chris. He’s a big fan of the podcasts, too!

  10. Ed Decker permalink

    I keep wondering whether Mr. Tobolowski is handling the voice-over for Amazon’s Kindle Fire commercial (fall 2012)?

  11. Greg Sadler permalink

    It was really an honor to meet you today at my wine tasting room. I will be following your work more closeily now. I watched GroundHog day a soon as I got home tonight. Blessings, and I look forward to hearing your stories. Thanks for the Photo OPP. -Greg

  12. Brian permalink

    Are you the voice of the baby in the Toyota commercial?

  13. amy m permalink

    Just wanted to report my Stephen Tobolowsky sighting on CNN:

    I listened to all of the Tobolowsky files on iTunes – loved them all! Great work Stephen and David!

  14. Nancy Janak permalink

    Hey Sandy,,,,,,sorry to hear that Glee is ending. You got me hooked from the very first episode!

  15. Matt Barlow permalink

    Case in point, I recognised you in a cafe today in NYC with your lovely wife. I saw you checking out the pictures of the famous actors on the wall. Asked the staff if they new it was you.. nope! They need to put you on the wall there!

    • Dear Matt that is so funny and very sweet mention of Ann. Thanks for that. I was going down memory lane. Trying to find pictures of the shows I had seen at the Public. What was depressing was the photos of shows I had been to looked like they were taken during the Civil War.

  16. Janice (Davis) Holson permalink


    I found a couple of your books on, and I have SO enjoyed the memories of the area and the times growing up in Oak Cliff. We were in high school together, and the year you graduated I was a sophomore on the boy’s debate team because my partner was a boy. I thought you were the most outgoing and smartest person I’d ever met and was quite intimidated. Today I am in the medical field, and treated your grandmother back in the 90s at Baylor Dallas. I always look for you in the media and always pleased to have seen you! Your Cautionary Tales reminds me a bit of Garrison Keillor,only set in a time and place that I well understand. I hope you have a great day today. Bravo!

    • Dear Janice one of the great thrills of these stories going out into the world is reconnecting with people like you. I remember you like it was yesterday. I recall going to a tournament and discussing you at dinner. You were considered the great sophomore hope. Write me sometime at my email,

  17. My first memory of you is from Space Balls. It’s been a while, but I believe it’s the scene where the stunt doubles emerge after jumping through the closing doors. Then I remember you from Groundhog Day and still remember to this day how much my stomach would hurt from laughter when you took off your hat and Bill Murray looked up at your head. I was 11, so that kind of stuff was funny to me. Now I’m cursed with the cul-de-sac baldness, so it’s not so much a laughing matter anymore. My other memory of you is more recent, when I was in college and I remember watching you play Sammy Jenkis in Memento, the film that inspired me to want to get into film-making. What brought me to your blog and down the path of memory lane was Big Time in Hollywood, FL. That show is incredible and you are now bringing side-splitting laughter to me once again. Thanks!

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